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In today's data-driven business environment, understanding your key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial to your company’s growth and sustainability. offers a comprehensive Growth Metrics feature that, when integrated with InLeads SDK or Segment, provides real-time insights into essential metrics categorized into Sales and Product metrics. This powerful tool is designed to streamline data collection, enhance analysis, and empower informed decision-making.


Sales Metrics:

• Open Leads:

Track the number of new leads that are actively engaging but have not yet converted, providing a clear view of potential upcoming conversions.

• Open Pipeline:

Monitor the status and value of ongoing deals in your sales pipeline to forecast revenue and identify bottlenecks.

• Total Deals:

Keep count of all deals closed within a specific timeframe to measure sales team performance and market demand.

• Confirmed Revenue:

Evaluate the actual revenue generated from closed deals, giving a precise measurement of financial success.

Product Metrics:

• Daily Active Users (DAU):

Track the heartbeat of your product's engagement. Understand daily user interaction levels to gauge product appeal and stickiness.

• Churn Rate:

Measure customer attrition over specific periods. Identify churn patterns and deploy targeted strategies to improve retention.

• Retention Rates:

Monitor the percentage of returning users to better understand what drives loyalty and what factors might lead to user attrition.

• Net Promoter Score (NPS):

Assess customer satisfaction and loyalty through NPS, which quantifies the likelihood of customers recommending your business.

Seamless Integration with InLeads SDK and Segment:

Integrate with InLeads SDK or Segment for seamless data synchronization across platforms, providing a unified view of customer interactions and business operations. This integration allows for:

• Automated Data Collection:

Effortlessly gather comprehensive data from various customer touchpoints.

• Real-Time Analytics:

Receive immediate updates on metric changes, enabling prompt responses to emerging trends or issues.

• Predictive Insights:

Leverage machine learning to forecast future trends and prepare for market changes.

Why Choose for Your Growth Metrics? is your partner in growth, equipped to handle increasing data complexity as your business expands. With, you gain:

• Expert Support:

Access our team of data scientists and analysts for insights and best practices in data utilization.

• Security and Compliance:

Trust in our commitment to the highest data protection standards to ensure your information's safety and regulatory compliance.

• Continuous Innovation:

Stay at the forefront of technology with continuous updates to our features and integrations.

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